About Us

JCI  is an international but mid-sized Independent Family Office. Our objective is to protect and develop your assets and establish a long term relationship with absolute confidentiality.

Its dynamic professional team, JCI  assists its international clients, and orchestrates legal, financial, real-estate and tax advice as well as cross-border strategies for international clients. We offer a bespoke service for high net worth families matching their needs and desires.

The JCI  team is international and multilingual. It comprises legal, finance and tax advisors, property consultants, administrative and wealth managers. We are at your disposal to propose you an exclusive, efficient and close management of your wealth.

JCI  offers wealth protection expertise to entrepreneurs and their families with a complete range of tailored legal, fiscal and financial advice.

JCI  is designed to protect, simplify and organize your personal and family assets, minimizing risks and providing expert strategies to preserve your wealth.

Our team of experts creates and manages a Secured Wealth Protection Plan that allows you to focus on your business, creating prosperity and economic growth for your company and family.